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Many food processing plants worldwide adopted innovative way of packaging their fresh and processed foods using so called active packaging that involves using an oxygen absorber agent in order to create an oxygen free atmosphere inside a food package during its shelf life.

O2 is one key element for the survival of aerobe and the source causing oxidative deterioration. Without oxygen, foodstuff won't be oxidized, fungi and other bacteria won't grow, and moth can not survive. Packaging Solutions OÜ

CO2 is a vitally important factor for the growth of yeast and other anaerobia, which could be one major reason causing the foodstuff deterioration in a oxygen-free environment. The growth of yeast and other anaerobia stimulated by the presence of CO2 and O2-free condition will speed up the foodstuff deterioration. In the case of preserving high moisture and oily foods, the elimination of O2 and CO2 is very critical.

Water Activity, Aw, is also an important factor of affecting the growth of microbe. It is also a major concern in the food preservation, especially in the aspect of mold prevention.

Our oxygen absorbers are capable of bringing the oxygen level down to 0.1% or less and keep it that way during product's intended shelf life.

With the additional capacity of CO2 scavenging, our products show the advantage over its competitors of "O2-only absorber" on preventing fermenting effect by suppressing the growth of anaerobic microorganisms in a oxygen-free environment during its application. It also has a much wider variety of applicable foodstuff by exceeding the previous limitation on preserving food with high moisture. The rate of oxygen scavenging is much faster than its previous domestic and international competitors as well. In fact, its rate is the fastest in the market.

Products of the series are differentiated on:
1. Best application range of Aw, water activity value of targeted subject.
2. Capacity of moisture elimination.
3. Ratio of the absorption capacity of oxygen vs. carbon dioxide.
4. The ability of balancing air pressure in a package during O2 and CO2 scavenging.


February 15th, 2009

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